Introducing Diabetes Pilot Pro for iOS!

iOS 11 is coming soon. Older versions of Diabetes Pilot (Diabetes Pilot Classic and Diabetes Pilot HD) will not work with iOS 11. Upgrade to Diabetes Pilot Pro before switching to iOS 11. Read more below.

Diabetes Pilot Pro is the newest version of Diabetes Pilot for iOS. New features include:

  • Now a universal app optimized for iPhone, iPad, and iPod - one purchase lets you use the app on all of your iOS devices!
  • Updated for iOS 10, iOS 11, and beyond
  • All-new reporting system with over a dozen customizable reports
  • Health app integration - share data with other health-enabled apps
  • Reminder alerts on any record
  • Two-way WiFi sync directly between iOS devices
  • Visual updates
  • Continued updates to food data

Diabetes Pilot Pro is free to try for a week.   After that, you can continue using the app for free in a limited-functionality mode or choose an inexpensive subscription (about a dollar a month) to keep using all of the features of the app.   No obligation to purchase.  Subscription details are available in the app.  

Click here to get Diabetes Pilot Pro

Already Have an Older Version of Diabetes Pilot?

Diabetes Pilot Pro is the latest version of Diabetes Pilot for iOS and will receive new updates going forward.   It's a separate app and a separate purchase from the previous version of Diabetes Pilot for iPhone and Diabetes Pilot HD (for iPad). 

The previous version of Diabetes Pilot for iPhone is now called "Diabetes Pilot Classic".   The previous version of Diabetes Pilot for iPad is called "Diabetes Pilot HD".  If you've purchased one of these older versions of the app, it's still yours and no features have been taken away.   You can continue using it as just as you have been, for as long as you'd like, with no further purchase necessary.    We will support these older apps for now by continuing to answer any questions and providing bug-fix updates as needed.

However, because of changes that Apple has made, Diabetes Pilot Classic and Diabetes Pilot HD will not work with iOS 11 and future versions of iOS. So, you should upgrade to Diabetes Pilot Pro before you get a new device or upgrade your device to iOS 11.

Yes, you'll need to purchase the new version of the app if you want to use it with a fancy new device rather than sticking with your old setup. That's because it takes time, effort, and money for us to create these updates. However, it's inexpensive (about a buck a month) and you'll also get ongoing access to the newest features of the app and continued compatibility with new iOS devices as they are released.     Your support is what enables us to keep updating the app, updating the food database, and adding new features - all with no advertising and no invasion of your privacy. Thanks for your understanding.

Here's the easy way to upgrade from Diabetes Pilot Classic to Diabetes Pilot Pro and keep your existing data:

  1. Download the latest update to Diabetes Pilot Classic by using the "Updates" tab in the App Store app on your device.
  2. In Diabetes Pilot Classic, tap "Tasks..." then "Get Diabetes Pilot Pro".   This will let you download Diabetes Pilot Pro and will also provide a way for you to copy your existing data to the new app.
  3. Try out the new app for free.   If you like it, continue using it.   You'll be prompted to subscribe when the trial period runs out.
  4. Once your data is copied to the new app and you're using Diabetes Pilot Pro, you can delete the Classic app if you'd like.

Questions?   Contact us here.