Transfer and Backup Your Data

Diabetes Pilot offers several options for transferring your data out of the program.   This lets you work with your data on your handheld, in Diabetes Pilot Desktop on your computer, and in other programs.

Transferring your data to another location also provides a backup for your data.  Because your handheld may be damaged, lost, or experience problems such as the battery running down, we recommend that you back up your data periodically using any of the options below.

Option 1: Use the Diabetes Pilot Desktop or iPad App

With the iPhone version of Diabetes Pilot you can send the records from your phone to the Diabetes Pilot Desktop software (sold separately). From there, you can print reports, backup your data, and do other functions.

There are two ways to send your data:

  1. Use the two-way WiFi sync feature in our Diabetes Pilot Desktop and iPad app.  With this, your records and food database are merged with your other data.   This allows you to work with your data on both your handheld and your desktop and send the data wherever it needs to go.

    For more information on this, see the instructions for the desktop software at: (PC) or (Mac) or (iPad)  

  2. Send your data one-way via email. With this, your data is transferred via email. This is handy because it lets you send the data between systems whenever it's convenient and regardless of whether they're in the same location. For example, a patient might send the data directly to their doctor this way. Or, a child might send the data to their parent. There's no need for a wired connection and it can be done at any time (that you have a connection to the internet).  When you use this option, your iPhone data overwrites the data in the desktop software.  

    For this, launch Diabetes Pilot on your handheld. Tap the "Tasks..." button, then choose "Send Data to Desktop". Follow the instructions on the screen to send the data via email. You'll get an email with your data attached. Then, follow the instructions in the email to load the data into the desktop software.

Option 2: Use the "Send Displayed Records" Command

From the main screen, tap "Tasks..." then choose "Send Displayed Records".   This creates an email with your record data.   The email is formatted as a standard tab-separated list, which can be read by most spreadsheet programs.   You can use this function to export your data to a spreadsheet to do your own custom analysis.

Option 3: Sync with iTunes

When you sync with iTunes, the contents of your handheld are backed up.  This provides a measure of backup.  However, because this is an automatic process and unexpected events may occur, we encourage you to use one of the other methods described above rather than relying only on the iTunes backup.