Food Database Abbreviations

Some foods in the food database have abbreviated descriptions. Here is a list of of the abbreviations used:

All Purpose ALLPURP
Aluminum AL
And &
Apple APPL
Apples APPLS
Applesauce APPLSAUC
Approximate APPROX
Approximately APPROX
Arm and Blade ARM&BLD
Artificial ART
Ascorbic Acid VIT C
Aspartame ASPRT
Aspartame-sweetened ASPRT-SWTND
Babyfood BABYFD
Baked BKD
Barbequed BBQ
Based BSD
Beans BNS
Beef BF
Beverage BEV
Boiled BLD
Boneless BNLESS
Bottled BTLD
Bottom BTTM
Braised BRSD
Breakfast BRKFST
Broiled BRLD
Buttermilk BTTRMLK
Calcium CA
Calorie, calories CAL
Canned CND
Carbonated CARB
Center CNTR
Cereal CRL
Cheese CHS
Chicken CHICK
Chocolate CHOC
Choice CHOIC
Cholesterol CHOL
Cholesterol-free CHOL-FREE
Chopped CHOPD
Cinnamon CINN
Coated COATD
Coconut COCNT
Commercial COMM
Commercially COMMLY
Commodity CMDTY
Composite COMP
Concentrate CONC
Concentrated CONCD
Condensed COND
Condiment, condiments CONDMNT
Cooked CKD
Cottonseed CTTNSD
Cream CRM
Creamed CRMD
Dark DK
Decorticated DECORT
Dehydrated DEHYD
Dessert, desserts DSSRT
Diluted DIL
Domestic DOM
Drained DRND
Dressing DRSNG
Drink DRK
Drumstick DRUMSTK
English ENG
Enriched ENR
Equal EQ
Evaporated EVAP
Except XCPT
Extra EX
Flank steak FLANKSTK
Flavored FLAV
Flour FLR
Food FD
Fortified FORT
French fried FRENCH FR
French fries FRENCH FR
Fresh FRSH
Frosted FRSTD
Frosting FRSTNG
Frozen FRZ
Grades GRDS
Gram GM
Green GRN
Greens GRNS
Heated HTD
Heavy HVY
Hi-meat HI-MT
High HI
Hour HR
Hydrogenated HYDR
Imitation IMITN
Immature IMMAT
Imported IMP
Include, includes INCL
Including INCL
Infant formula INF FORMULA
Ingredient ING
Instant INST
Juice JUC
Junior JR
Kernels KRNLS
Large LRG
Lean LN
Lean only LN
Leavened LVND
Light LT
Liquid LIQ
Low LO
Marshmallow MARSHMLLW
Mashed MSHD
Mayonnaise MAYO
Medium MED
Mesquite MESQ
Minutes MIN
Mixed MXD
Moisture MOIST
Natural NAT
New Zealand NZ
Nonfat Dry Milk NFDM
Nonfat Dry Milk Solids NFDMS
Nonfat Milk Solids NFMS
Noncarbonated NONCARB
Not Further Specified NFS
Nutrients NUTR
Nutrition NUTR
Ounce OZ
Pack PK
Par fried PAR FR
Parboiled PARBLD
Partial PART
Partially PART
Partially fried PAR FR
Pasteurized PAST
Peanut PNUT
Peanuts PNUTS
Phosphate PO4
Phosphorus P
Pineapple PNAPPL
Plain PLN
Porterhouse PRTRHS
Potassium K
Powder PDR
Powdered PDR
Precooked PRECKD
Preheated PREHTD
Prepared PREP
Processed PROC
Product code PROD CD
Propionate PROP
Protein PROT
Pudding, puddings PUDD
Ready-to-bake RTB
Ready-to-cook RTC
Ready-to-drink RTD
Ready-to-eat RTE
Ready-to-feed RTF
Ready-to-heat RTH
Ready-to-serve RTS
Ready-to-use RTU
Reconstituted RECON
Reduced RED
Reduced-calorie RED-CAL
Refrigerated REFR
Regular REG
Reheated REHTD
Replacement REPLCMNT
Restaurant-prepared REST-PREP
Retail RTL
Roast RST
Roasted RSTD
Round RND
Sandwich SNDWCH
Sauce SAU
Scalloped SCALLPD
Scrambled SCRMBLD
Seed SD
Select SEL
Shank and sirloin SHK&SIRL
Short SHRT
Shoulder SHLDR
Simmered SIMMRD
Skin SKN
Small SML
Sodium NA
Solids SOL
Solution SOLN
Soybean SOYBN
Special SPL
Species SP
Spread SPRD
Standard STD
Steamed STMD
Stewed STWD
Stick STK
Sticks STKS
Strained STR
Substitute SUB
Summer SMMR
Supplement SUPP
Sweet SWT
Sweetened SWTND
Sweetener SWTNR
Teaspoon TSP
Thousand 1000
Toasted TSTD
Toddler TODD
Uncooked UNCKD
Uncreamed UNCRMD
Undiluted UNDIL
Unenriched UNENR
Unheated UNHTD
Unprepared UNPREP
Unspecified UNSPEC
Unsweetened UNSWTND
Variety, varieties VAR
Vegetable, vegetables VEG
Vitamin A VIT A
Vitamin C VIT C
Water H20
Whitener WHTNR
Whole WHL
Winter WNTR
With W/
Without WO/
Yellow YEL