Using the Food Database

This section explains how to use the Diabetes Pilot Desktop food database. The food database provides reference information on thousands of foods. You can add your own foods to the database and customize it to meet your needs.

Accessing the Food Database

Finding Foods

Adding New Foods and Groups

Marking Foods as Favorites

Organizing the Database

Accessing the Food Database

The food database can be accessed in two different ways:

  1. By selecting "Edit Foods" from the toolbar. This will display the food database and allow you to look up food information and do things like add, edit, and organize the foods and mark foods as favorites.
  2. When you are building a new meal entry (see Food Records) the food database will be displayed. 

Finding Foods

You can locate foods in the food database in several different ways:

Option 1: Browse through the foods by category.

To browse through the foods by category, click on the "All Foods" button near the top of the listings. This displays an organized listing of the foods and groups.  You can browse through the groups or see a food's information by by clicking on the items - it works similar to the MacOS Finder.

Option 2: Search for foods by name.

To search for foods by name, type a word or phrase in the search box.  The food database will be searched for what you enter. Any food or group containing your search will be displayed in the search box. You will usually have better results with the search feature if you enter just a few letters of a food name - this way, the food will appear in the results even if it is named a bit differently than you'd expect.

This is a usually the fastest way to find a food.

Option 3: Display a list of the foods you have marked as favorites.

To do this, click on the "Favorites" button near the top of the window. A list of the foods that you've marked as favorites will be displayed. To select a food, click on it in the list.

See Marking Foods as Favorites for more information.

Adding New Foods and Groups

To add a new food or group to the food database, click the "All Foods" button so that you can see the whole food database. Start by browsing to the location where you would like the new item added (see Finding Foods above). Select the group in which you would like to add the new item.

To add a new group, tap on the "New Group" button, enter a name for the new group, and press the enter key.

To add a new food, tap on the "New Food" button, enter a name for the new food, and press the enter key. Then, fill out the "Food Information" located on the right side of the screen, and click the "Done" button.

Marking Foods as Favorites

When a food is marked as a favorite, it will appear in the "Favorites" list.  To mark a food as a favorite:

  1. Find the food in the database (see Finding Foods above) using the "Edit Foods" toolbar button.
  2. Select the food (by tapping on it to highlight it)
  3. Check the "Favorite" checkbox.   

To remove a food from the favorites list, select it and uncheck the "Favorite" checkbox.  The food will be removed from the favorites list.

Organizing and Customizing the Food Database

Several functions are available to help you organize and customize the food database.

To delete a food or group from the database:

  1. Find the item in the database (see Finding Foods above).
  2. Select the item you'd like to delete.
  3. Click the "Delete Item" button.
Note: If you delete a group, all of the foods in the group will also be deleted.

To move an item to another category:

  1. Find the item in the database by using the "Browse by Group" tab (see Finding Foods above).
  2. Locate the destination category.
  3. Drag the item you'd like to move and drop on the new category.

To edit the name or data associated with a food or group:

  1. Find the food in the database (see Finding Foods above).
  2. Select the item you'd like to edit.
  3. In the food information area, click the "Edit" button and make the changes that you want.
  4. Click the "Done" button.