Importing Record Data

Diabetes Pilot provides several options for importing and exporting food and record data. This allows you to exchange information with sources such as spreadsheets, glucose meters, and other programs.  This feature is intended for advanced users who are familar with the topics discussed below.

Importing Record Data

Importing Record Data

Glucose, meal, medication, exercise, and note record data can be imported from standard comma-separated (CSV) files. This format is supported by many databases, spreadsheets, and other programs. For more information on the basics of CSV files, see or

The format of the input file is flexible - the columns can be in any order. A header row with the field names must be the first row in the CSV file. The following columns are available:






Contains the record date and time. Most standard formats will be recognized. Optionally, a "Date" field can be included if you'd prefer to separate the date and time into two separate fields



Contains the record type. Must be one of: "Glucose", "Food", "Medication", "Exercise", or "Note". Importing blood pressure readings is currently not supported



The record value. For food records, the total carbohydrates for the meal (importing meal details is not currently supported)


Yes, for medication and exercise records. Optional for glucose records

For exercise and medications records, contains the type of exercise or medication. For glucose records, contains the units of the glucose reading and must be either "mg/dL" or "mmol/L". If this field is omitted, glucose readings will be imported using the default units.



Contains the record's notes.



Contains the record's category.   If this column is not supplied, you'll be prompted for how to categorize the new records:  The program can either import the records to the "unfiled" category or it can try to guess the category based on each record's time and the category patterns in your existing records.  

The following example shows one valid set of data for import:

1/2/2006,12:01,Glucose,125,mg/dL,test row 1,Lunch
1/2/2006,15:03,Glucose,222,mmol/L,test row 2,After Lunch 
1/2/2006,15:03,Glucose,333,,test row 3,Unfiled
3/3/2006,15:03,Medication,32,Humalog,test row 4,After Lunch
4/7/2006,16:08,Exercise,23,Typing,test row 5,
Before Dinner

To import record data:

  1. From the "File" menu, select "Import Records from CSV..."
  2. Choose the CSV file that you'd like to import from