Transfer and Sync Your Data

If you have an iOS device, Diabetes Pilot for Mac can sync with the Diabetes Pilot app on your device - use your handheld to record data while you're on the go, then synchronize it to Diabetes Pilot for later reporting and analysis.

The Diabetes Pilot iPhone and iPad apps are separate products and sold separately from Diabetes Pilot for Mac.  They are available through the iTunes App Store.

There are several ways to transfer data from your iOS device:

Synchronize Your Data Via WiFi

This feature lets you transfer your record data and food database between your desktop computer and your handheld.

To use the WiFi sync, you will need your computer and your handheld connected to the same network. 

To start, make sure that both devices are connected to your network:

  • Make sure that your computer is connected to your network.  We recommend using a private, secure, network that you control (i.e. a properly configured home network rather than a public WiFi hotspot)
  • Make sure that your handheld is connected (via WiFi) to the same network as your computer.  (The sync will not work if your device is connected only with a cellular (3G) data connection).   If necessary, use the iPhone's "Settings" app to verify your WiFi settings - check that you're connected to the correct network.   You may also wish to use an application such as the Safari web browser (surf to a new page or two) to confirm that you have an active, working, network connection.

Then, start the sync on your handheld and computer:

  1. On your handheld, tap the "Tasks..." button, then choose "Data Transfer" then "Desktop Sync via WiFi" or "WiFi Sync"
  2. In Diabetes Pilot on your Mac, select "iOS sync" from the toolbar.
  3. On your computer, choose the desired sync options.   You will usually want to leave the "Synchronize my Data" option selected. This will merge data from both locations into one common dataset.  With this, records entered in one location will be transferred to the other and vice-versa.  
  4. On your computer, click the "Sync Now" button to start the sync.

One-way Data Transfer Via Email

The WiFi sync described above is generally the best choice for transferring your data.  However, you can also transfer your records from your handheld via email to a computer with Diabetes Pilot Desktop.  This can be useful for a variety of purposes: sending your data to a doctor's office that has Diabetes Pilot Desktop, a child sending data to a parent, sending data to yourself for later analysis, transferring your data when the WiFi connection described above isn't practical, and many other situations. 

  1. On your handheld, launch Diabetes Pilot. Tap the "Tasks..." button, then choose "Data Transfer" then "Send Data to Desktop".
  2. On the screen that appears, enter your email address and tap the "Send" button to send your data.  Please note that, to keep the data sent to a reasonable size, your food database is not transferred with this method.
  3. Receive the email on your desktop computer. It may take a several minutes or more to arrive, depending on your email system. (Be sure that the message hasn't mistakenly gone into your junk mail folder.)
  4. Save the file attached to the email on your computer.
  5. Start Diabetes Pilot for Mac on your computer.
  6. Open the dataset that you'd like to fill with your backup data. Note that this data will be REPLACED with the data from your handheld. Because of this, you may wish to back up the existing data first, or create a new dataset (by choosing "File->New from the menu) to hold the incoming data from your handheld.
  7. From the "File" menu, select "Open...". In the window that appears, select the file you saved in step 4.  Alternately, drop the file on the Diabetes Pilot icon in the dock.
Note: With this option, the food reference database is not transferred.  Thus, the food database will be blank in the received data.   If you'd like to transfer the food database, use the WiFi sync instead.